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International Indian Icon (3iii)

Gee Vision takes immense pride in introducing world’s 1st on-line and on-site Global platform for Indian Talent named INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii - Three Eye), a platform for Indian talent across the Globe!

We would like to get your support to take 3iii (INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON) to reach each and every individual and Indian On this earth, who likes any type of Indian art & culture to give them opportunity to showcase their talent to the world.

Gee Vision’s mission is to build an International platform for anyone who likes any type of Indian art & culture living in any corner of the world and for Indians born and brought up outside India to keep them close to Indian art and culture by providing them opportunity to showcase their talent at International level.

3iii is envisioned as the world’s 1st grand Indian reality show narrative over five seasons culminating at the end of the 5th season. 3iii 2017 1st Season with Bollywood’s legendary Music Director Bappi Lahiri as Grand Master, Bollywood actress Meenakshi Seshadri as Dancing judge was televised on Zee TV Network in 4 episodes while the 2nd season was opened to Indian residing on the United States of America, Canada, UK, Europe and Caribbean in multiple talent categories – Singing, Dance, Instruments, Acting, Fashion & I Got Talent, and was judged by Bollywood music composer, lyricist and singer Arko Pravo Mukherjee for singing category while Slumdog Millionaire’s Jay Ho song choreographer Longinus Fernandez took a pride to judge dancing category. Both judges jointly evaluated other categories. Zee TV televised 12 episodes of 3iii 2018 Season-II on Zee TV HD in April & May 2019.

3iii 2019 Season-III Production for 16 Episodes with 200+ global participants came from all over the world (including countries of 1st & 2nd seasons + Australia, New Zealand & South Africa) from Dec 26th to 29th 2019 in Waterford, Elmhurst, IL USA and was judged by Bollywood Legendary music director JATIN PANDIT as Grand-master who was supported by a Bollywood celebrity teams and 3iii International Jury from all over the world.

INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii 2020 Season-IV is planned for 10 regions by Middle East in previous 9 regions. Jatin Pandit will remain as Grand-master and couple of more Bollywood celebrity judges are planned to be added in Season-IV. Registration is planned to open on Apr 1st 2020 and grand-finale and production is scheduled from Dec 25th to 30th 2020 in Chicago followed by 2021 NYE as celebration.

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